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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pretty Uneventful Day, Many Visitors

Not much new today. She hasn't thrown up in a couple of days and her nutrition was going all day today. Now she says she wants it off. And she changed her mind, again. After all, she is a four year old. While she is in the hospital receiving chemo, they keep her up on Zofran to help with any nausea. I fully expect to have vomitting issues, but pray they don't happen this time. She would't eat anything today, but she did take many of her medications in her mouth.

Her stools are still loose, but not really watery which is an improvement. The diaper rash is mostly gone and we're using the desitin to protect her from problems instead of to help her heal. The chemo is expelled in the urine and can be irritating. They always keep her up on fluids so that none of the chemo sits in her bladder for very long. And they give her a medication (Mesna) to help protect the bladder against the chemo.

Joshie's mom, April, stopped by and brought us some chocolate. Thanks April! Candlelighter's brought lunch and had it in the playroom for any of the cancer families that were in today. So we went over there with April. She felt funny being there without Josh. It was nice to chat with her for a little while.

Later, Madeleine and her mom and brother stopped by for a visit, on their way to an appointment. They brought a little gift for Rebekah and one for mom. It was very thoughtful of them.

Both Josh and Madeleine are past treatment and dealing with the effects of treatment. Seeing both of them reminds me of the fact that, although treatment is coming to an end (after another 2 rounds of chemo), that really isn't the end. There is always more to come. Rebekah's issues will be somewhat different from Josh and Madeleine, but there will be issues. We are already seeing that with her eye and her eating.

Uncle Chuck stopped by and brought us dinner and then took Rebekah out for a wagon ride. Thanks!

Grandpa stopped by this evening and Grandma C stopped by this morning and then again this afternoon while we were playing Bingo and out of the room.

At 6:30 or so, we took Rebekah out for a wagon ride, only to find out that there was a fire alarm and the doors were shut. We couldn't really go anywhere. Uugh! Rebekah was not at all happy. Luckily it ended shortly before Rebekah's chemo ran out and she needed the nurse (who was on the other side of the door). She would have come, even if still in alarm, but was glad it was over before she needed to come.

After Rebekah's late (and long) nap yesterday (5-8pm) she didn't go to sleep until after 12:30 this morning. Uugh! Today, her nap was a little earlier and I'm hoping she will go to sleep earlier. Although, it is already late and she's showing no signs currently of wanting to sleep. And she was given both tylenol and benadryl a little while ago. Maybe they haven't set in, yet... Mom can hope.

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