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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Enjoying Our Break - A Few Pictures

Yes, we are enjoying our time at Tia's father's home in Montana. Here are a few pictures and a video (working on the video) for you to enjoy too: The beautiful Miss Tia: And me with the kiddos in the background: Sharing the path with the fawna:


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not My Plans Nor My Timing, But His.

I awoke this morning in a third story bedroom of a rustic open beamed, wood everywhere home. As I opened my blinds I looked out to a beautiful layer of white snow covering the ground and the high desert pines that only somewhat blocked my view of an ice covered river. Outside my window was one small deer, casually foraging from bush to bush trying to find her breakfast in this wonderful area God created and we call Montana.

But even more beautiful than the view and the home are its occupants. Last night Tia, Sydney, Rebekah, Katey, Sarah and I arrived in the home of Tia's father, Grandpa Kim and his wife Grandma Marian. We arrived after dark but the beauty of the place, outside and in, was still evident. We had new family introductions, a lovingly prepared dinner waiting for us, and then brought in bags. The adults got to know each other while the kids played outside in the snow and throughout their temporary cabin like accommodations.

We had come to get to know more of Tia's family. But I also had another purpose. Short one 15 second phone call on the way here yesterday, I have never spoken with Grandpa Kim since I started courting Tia. I had felt remiss about starting our courtship without seeking the wisdom (and permission) of her father. When I formally asked Tia's permission to court her I promised her I would not take any further steps with her without seeking her father's permission. I had planned, after spending the week getting to know them, to ask Grandpa Kim for Tia's hand in marriage. But like many...most...all other things in our growing relationship, God had other timing in mind. After sharing most (not even all) of our story with him Grandpa Kim blurted out 'What are we waiting for, when are you going to marry this girl?'

Not shocked, but taken aback I was. And yes, I believe Tia was a bit too. After having my time schedule changed on me and getting my senses together I shared with him that this was something I wanted to talk with him about. In the middle of this Tia went upstairs to help the girls with some "emergency." After a few more minutes of conversation I knew for sure that we had Grandpa Kim's blessing. While she was still upstairs I went out to the van and brought in some more things, actually just one more thing. It was something that I had not planned on needing until after the new year, or maybe new year's eve. But again, God's timing is a bit different than mine on this whole thing.

When Tia came downstairs with the girls I asked them all over to the table where Grandma, Grandpa and I were sitting. As she sat down I dropped to one knee in front of her and said "Tia, I have spoken with our children and have their blessing. I have spoken with your father and have his blessing. I love you will all of my heart." Then, for the second time in my life (excepting for practice of course,) I uttered the words "Will you marry me?" Through tears of joy and just a bit more shock, she answered "Yes!" We then proceeded out into the snow and danced our first dance as an engaged couple on a snow covered dance ring prepared by the girls just outside the dining room window. As we held each other and danced to the music of our hearts, Grandpa and Grandma shined a "spotlight" on us while they watched from inside.

Proud doesn't even do justice to the feeling I have as I announce that on March 17th 2012, Tia Bacon and Scott Adams will become one in the eyes of God and man. We hope you will reserve the date and join us at Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, Oregon on that glorious day.


Friday, December 16, 2011

The Power In Choosing A Name

In Genesis God gave Adam the power to name the creatures of the earth as they were created. The act of naming something creates a huge tie to that something. There was (and is) great significance to that power, a significance we don't think about that often.

For those of you that don't know me that well I will share something about me. I have a thing for crock pots. I have more than a few of them. I like what they stand for and I love what they do. They are SO practical. As the "potluck season" continues on I use my crock pots A LOT.

Earlier this week our Bible Study had a pot luck dinner in lieu of our regular Wednesday night study. As I brought out one of my favorite crock pots I noticed it had a label, a name if you will. The label on it read "Scott and Frances Adams". As we were going to Tia's chuch and almost no one there knows Frances (or me by that combination of names) it didn't seem right to leave that label on it. I took that label off and left the crock pot unnamed. Much like how my life felt after Frances left, without a label that crock pot seemed empty, lonely.

This morning as I am preparing for another potluck it continued to bother me to have an unnamed crock pot. I started a couple of labels: "Scott Adams" or "Scott, Rebekah and Sarah" but those didn't seem right either. Ultimately I found a comfort, a power in the final result:

The power of naming this crock pot is not in my dominion over the item, but rather in the realization of its representation of the stages in our life. There is greif in the daily realizations that 20+ years of "Scott and Frances Adams" have come to an end. But there is also great delight in the new season called "Scott Adams and Tia Bacon." There is great delight in the gift God has given me in Tia and the girls. Seeing it on a label may be a little thing, but it is real. And it is real powerful to my heart.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Normal - Or Just Normal?

After Frances made the decision to go Home to God this summer I found myself talking to others about our plans. We knew we would take our several week vacation and then come back home, start school and get down to the new "normal" with just the three of us. With Frances being incapacitated and bed bound for so long, so many people in and out of our lives and house, sleeping in motorhomes, camping trailers, the couch, the playroom etc. we had not had a traditionally family in so long and I never expected one again for a long time. It is often said that the Adams' don't do things in a normal way!

I had actually forgotten what it was like to have a traditionally normal family - until last night.

I came home from a long day in court; in another state even. When I walked in the door I was greeted to a chorus of "Daddy's home!" "Your Daddy's home!" and "Welcome home handsome!" I received hugs and kisses (on the cheek!) For the next several hours I watched 5 beautiful girls clean up around the house, fold laundry, act like sisters, and do some schooling/educating along the way. It was emotional. In fact writing about it now is emotional.

Last night the girls went to the playroom to watch a kiddo movie and Tia and I stayed out in the family room watching a sappy love story - which I kinda liked. The girls (all except Tia who went home as modesty and appropriateness are very important to us) all stayed the night. This morning Tia is on her way back over to have breakfast with us and get ready for Rebekah's birthday party this afternoon.

It has been so long that I actually think I had forgotten what traditionally normal feels like. We have been through so many "new normals" that I had actually forgotten how good it feels. Very very good. Whatever our "new normal" has been at any given time over the last few years I have tried to delight in the place God had put us. I have to admit that the newest "new normal," the one I just want to call normal, is one of the biggest blessings God could ever have given all of us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.