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Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping and More

Sorry for the lack of updates. It really has been a good thing as we have been running ragged trying to get in as much camping as we can. The girls are absolutely loving time in the camping trailer and we are trying to spend every moment we can with them doing things they like.

This last weekend we went down to the beach and spent 3 nights at a campground. Daddy had some work to do down there Friday so we all went and enjoyed the cool. (It was in the high 90's at home and will be in the 100's the next few days!) This was an impromptu, throw everything together at the last minute and go. We had wanted to go but all the sites were full. Thursday morning, however, we found out that a few vacancies had opened up so we grabbed them and left Thursday evening.

One of the main reasons we wanted to go was because we got "wait listed" for a kid's -n- cancer camp (Camp Agape) the first full week in August and the girls were really looking forward to that so we wanted to try and work in a replacement. BUT - while we were at the beach this weekend we got a phone call saying there had been an opening at the kiddo camp - so this Saturday we leave for there for a week - talk about rushed! The girls and mommy are going to be able to stay at Camp Agape but daddy is going to have to come home and work. :(

Another reason we wanted to get away falls more into the category of "live life for today because you don't know what tomorrow will bring" which is obviously something that you learn to try and do after battling cancer and almost losing a little one. This is the first "public" disclosure of this, but we want to do as much as we can now as mommy is having some problems. We could really use your prayers on this one as we really didn't want "one more thing" to add to life right now. We are not sure what it will turn out to be and it could be anything from treatable to very very serious. Mommy and daddy went to the neurologist this morning and they are going to start her on a battery of tests. We'll try and update you when we know more.

For now, rejoice with us for our time together and our time to get out and do some camping (making some better use of the camping trailer than the hospital parking lot.) And pray with us/for us for the health of our family.