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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Update

Wow, where to begin?

Saturday morning daddy came into the room to a scene that we didn't want to see. From his facebook that day:

"Not a good morning. Came into Frances' room to the crowd and bussle of working a code. Took 45 minutes and major interventions to get her "back.". More later...

They had moved her and a mucous plug lodged/dislodged in exactly the wrong place. Her oxygen saturations were in the 20s (75%+ is necessary for life.). She was off the ventilator and being bagged by hand. All the suctioning in the world couldn't improve things. Had to bring in a camera to guide the suctioning into her lungs. Once they finally found the blockage and got it out we tried putting her back on the vent and it wouldn't work. We had to go find a new vent.

Had she been at home this could have been disasterous. For the first time in a while i thought we might be close to a "no more" decision."

From that point on things have steadily improved but mommy (and daddy) have been a bit more scared for everything little thing.

Saturday night mommy had improved enough that daddy was comfortable leaving her in the hands of Grandma M to come take the girls to church. Grandma A had taken the girls out shopping for school clothes and daddy and Jenny picked them up and went to church for the first time in a while. It was difficult for daddy being there without mommy. Instead of absorbing the worship and praising back out loud, all daddy could do is just sit and absorb. When he tried to sing praises all that came out was tears.

Sunday and then today have seen even more improvement and the ventilator that mommy is to go home on has been delivered to the hospital and set up. Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning she will go onto that vent to try it out. Because the home vent doesn't have wireless alarms to the nurses' desk somebody is going to have to be in mommy's room 100% of the time in case an alarm goes off. Likewise, somebody will have to be at home with her 100% of the time when we do go home. As long as mommy can get to her alarm they won't have to be in the room with her but do need to be close.

Assuming all goes well over the next 36 hours, we could be going home on Wednesday. This is a little longer than we wanted to be at the hospital but even with the problems mommy has been having is still a bit faster than normal.

Please pray for continued stabilization and the strength to go home. Please pray for knowledge and expertise on the part of the medical staff. Finally, please pray for support at home when we get there - it doesn't take much knowledge nor any medical training and anyone who has said they want to help can come spend a day or a night with mommy.

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At Monday, September 13, 2010 7:40:00 PM, Blogger Graceful Moments Left a thought...

I am all the way across the country so I can't come and help but I am praying for all of you and have asked others to do the same. I am sure that God will continue to meet all of your needs. My heart aches for what you and your family are going through and I'm praying for strength and comfort for all of you. ♥ Vicki


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