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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Really REALLY Gracious (and Nice) Folks

Will get to a post about the park and meeting Dora next, but first we want to tell you about some really wonderful and gracious people that have touched our lives today.

First is Rob. He is the Operations Manager of the hotel where we are staying, Towne Place Suites by Marriott on Waterstone Boulevard in Cincinnati. Not only Rob, but actually all of the staff here have been extremely generous, polite, offering everything we could need, desire and then even more. Rebekah and Rob got to meet this morning and they had a great time. In fact Rebekah nearly took over the office from Rob and Rachel. Here are Rebekah and Rob:

(After today's pictures you will see how difficult it is to get a "normal" picture from our beautiful little Rebekah.

The second GRACIOUS person was the manager at Skyline Chili on Bardes Road in Mason, Ohio. We told you yesterday that we ate there last night and would again. Straight back from the park we stopped there. Word got around quickly that we were from Oregon,with Make-A-Wish and Rebekah had met Dora. The manager (Joe - and I think he was actually the assistant but he was in charge) came over and wanted to hear all about it. He thought it really cool and took care of our meal so that we didn't have to pay anything. The girls really are beginning to like Skyline (Cincinnati) Chili, and as you know, mommy and daddy already do. Rebekah has a new friend and wants to you eat there any chance you can:

(REMEMBER - you can always click on pictures for full size)

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