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Friday, May 11, 2007

Keeping Busy

We continue to run ragged with regular every day activities not to mention trying to get ready for the trip.

Wednesday was a very busy day. First, speech therapy then school while Sarah and Mommy did some shopping for the trip. After school, we ate in the car while heading towards occupational therapy and speech therapy. On the way, we stopped at AAA to get some maps and a tour book for Ohio. As we were heading from there to the hospital for therapy, Rebekah threw up all over herself and the car. We stopped on the side of the road to "clean up", including mopping up what we could, change clothes, etc...

I had to consider whether I should cancel the appointment or not. Rebekah had been coughing and had green snot, so she definitely wasn't in top shape. Was the vomiting because of illness or was it just one of those things. It seemed as though it was unrelated to the illness, so I continued with therapy.

That made us a little late for our therapy sessions. Debbie and her daughter Nicki met us at the hospital to entertain Sarah. They were there early and called to see if we were waiting somewhere for them. I had to tell them we were running a bit late. Then I had to call the rehab department and tell them we were running late, too.

The therapy sessions were at Shriner's hospital. They do a lot for the kids there. Most days, they have something that they are giving to the kids. Wednesday it was Mickey Mouse dolls. That day, I allowed the girls to have the dolls - most days I don't. The girls have so many toys and we are there so often (3 times a month). Rebekah's therapy sessions went well and Debbie and Nicki enjoyed playing with Sarah.

Rebekah hasn't thrown up since, so it must have just been one of those things. We left the house that morning at 8am and didn't get home until after 5pm. That makes for a very long day. Once we got the girls into bed, I had to go to work on cleaning out the car and getting the car seat cover and clothes into the laundry - that turned into a time consuming proces. I ended up taking both car seats out and tearing both of them apart to get covers into the wash (you know we ought to have a clean seat for Sarah to go on our trip with us, too). Once I started cleaning the new spots on the car's seat, there were some old ones that needed cleaned up too. One thing after another...

Thursday morning, Sarah seemed to be doing worse... I decided she needed to go see the doctor. So, I called and got an appointment for both girls. If Sarah was going to be seen, Rebekah ought to be seen too - after all she was coughing and had green snot and had thrown up once. Good news, just colds and no ear infections or pneumonia. Since Rebekah hasn't been off the antibiotics that long, hers is probably viral. More good news, Rebekah's ears have a little fluid in them which will probably help on the airplane. The bad news is that Sarah's ears will probably be a problem on the airplane. Ugh! Doc gave us a prescription for some numbing drops that will help Sarah's ears if they are a problem. I'll need to get that filled before the trip. He also gave prescriptions for each of the girls for antibiotics in case they get worse and we feel we need them.

Katie, our sitter, wasn't able to come Thursday because she was sick so Mommy didn't get to help Daddy much in the office. She was able to come for a little while today, though, so that was good and she plans to come for a while tomorrow, too. Then she has finals, so we won't see her until next Thursday.

Both Daddy and Mommy are stressed with getting things ready for Rebekah's Make-A-Wish (MAW) trip. Too much to do, too little time and too tired at the end of the day.

Saturday, we should have a new communication device for Rebekah to try from the school. The communication person was scheduled to come out today and she just ran out of time, so she's planning to come out tomorrow.

Sunday, we'll celebrate Mother's day with Grandma A and Grandma M and Uncle Chuck, Aunt Molly and cousin Cole. That will be nice.

Next week will be another busy week.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. We hope you have an enjoyable day and that you know how much you are appreciated!

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