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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rebekah Seems to be Getting Sick - Ugh!

We started early, with a trip to the dentist so she could get a look at Rebekah's mouth and how wide she can open. She needed to determine how to proceed with filling some cavities. It looks like we'll be going to the Hospital Operating Room and she'll be having general anesthesia. We talked about either doing it the week before our Make A Wish Trip or waiting until the middle of June. Dr. Wilson thinks we can wait and I really don't want to do something like that right before vacation, so I think we'll do it in June. Also, the June date means that she won't miss school for the day because school will already be on break.

As we pulled up at the dentist office, I noticed that Rebekah's nose was full of green and blood-tinged snot. Oh, lovely... Just what I wanted.

Then we headed into Speech Therapy and then to school. After school, she didn't want to eat. She said she didn't want to eat more and I was pretty sure she had eaten something at school (based upon the crumbs around her mouth) so I didn't push her. When we got home, I took the girls in to sit on the potty and then put them down for a nap. It took a little while, but they both fell asleep.

The slept for a reasonable amount of time before starting to make noise. Rebekah played for a little while and then wanted to go back to sleep. At that point, I knew Rebekah wasn't feeling well. That is not at all like her and when you add that to the nose issues and the not wanting to eat it is clear that she isn't feeling well. I checked her temperature and it was 100.3. I gave her some tylenol and after resting for a little while she was ready to play some more and drink some juice and eat a bite or two.

Tonight, after I put her to bed, she wanted a yellow bin (that we use to throw up into). I asked if her tummy was upset and she said yes. She didn't throw up, but she took the yellow bin into bed with her. I don't know if she would actually use it, but it doesn't hurt for her to have it. I'm going to guess she won't be going to school tomorrow. That is unless she makes a remarkable recovery. One day at a time...

This afternoon and evening, I was working with the girls on not sharing food and drinks and not putting toys into mouths. I don't look forward to both girls being ill.

Please continue to pray for Rachel and her family. Things are not looking good. Check out her page for details.

Gage is out of the hospital after his transplant, but with lots of restrictions. Keep him in your prayers, too.

McKenna is at home after her chemo with low counts. Pray for no fevers, so she can stay home.

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