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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Short Trip To The Zoo

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO DIANA DUNN and THE CINCINNATI ZOO AND BOTANICAL GARDENS. They provided Make-A-Wish with free passes (including Parking and some zoo-cash to spend) that we were able to take advantage of for a few short hours today.

Rebekah was not doing well with all the walking, the heat and not always getting to do what she wanted so we had to cut our visit short after only a couple of hours. We did get a few nice pics:

More to follow later after Daddy gets some work done...

We went out to eat to Skyline Chili. For those of you that are not from around Ohio, it is a "unique" blend of chili over spaghetti (or hot dogs), along with LOTS of cheddar cheese, and beans or onions if you want them. The overall taste is, as I said, unique. We will eat there SEVERAL more times before we go. They have some hot sauce that I believe is quite a bit hotter than tobasco to put on it too. Rebekah and Sarah both wanted it on theirs but we would not let them. Instead daddy put a few drops on crackers and gave it to each of them. They both ate it with just a slight expression change on their face. We asked Sarah if she liked it she said "yes," but when we asked her if she wanted more, she shook her head no and said "its too hot...." We had a great young waitress who took a bit of an interest in the girls and Rebekah wanted to leave her a card so we did, along with a decent tip for having to clean up the mess. Then we went shopping and stocked up on some groceries so we don't have to go out and there is stuff for the girls for breakfast.

This morning we went downstairs to pick up some of Rebekah's nutrition drinks that the medical supply company UPS'd here for us. The guy last night when we checked in didn't know of anything but we figured the day staff would have been the ones that would have received it. We had called ahead to make sure it was ok to ship things to ourselves here. Well, nothing. Then we found out that the medical supply company had sent it to "Rebekah Adams" and not daddy's name and the hotel did not match up the reservation so they refused it. Oops. Oh well, it is being resent and we have just enough to last us through another day. And Rebekah CAN eat if she really wants to so its not like she is going to starve. All of the staff here at the hotel is SO nice and wants to meet Rebekah. We truly feel like we are being treated like royalty.

Tomorrow we go see Dora. Hopefully there will be lots to tell.

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