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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day. We are very thankful for all of the heroes in our country that have fought to give us the freedoms that we have and for making this country the great country that it is. Please do not today (or any other day for that matter) go by without taking the opportunity to thank that hero living next door to you, the one in your family, the one you come across in the streets, etc. Thank you Tyler, Mark, Steve, Curt, Dave, Forrest, Ken, Tyson, Justin, Brad, Dinah, Joe, Uncle Charlie, Ryan, and a lot of others that mean so much to us.

Yesterday we woke up at our friends' (Ken, Lori, Rachel and Julia) home and Lori made us all pancakes for breakfast. Just before noon we headed into downtown Akron to meet daddy's family. In an effort to try and get as many together at one time as possible Cousins Pete and Jodi set up a spot for us at Spaghetti Warehouse - we got to be inside a trolly car all to ourselves which was neat. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul got there first and brought it loads of gifts and dessert for the family and to get things set up. After that we arrived and the others started filtering in.

Rebekah and Daddy's Cousin Joe

Rebekah and Daddy's Aunt Nancy

Mommy and Sarah Enjoying a Gift from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul (THANK YOU!)

Daddy's Cousin Jody Showing Her Normal Camera Face

Daddy's Cousin Lindsay (who is graduating next month - congratulations!) Showing Off Her Skills (Yes, She is Cousin Jody's Daughter And All Of Their Kids Are Hams!!!)

The Girls With Cousin Elizabeth

Cousin Elizabeth was not able to join us at the restaurant because she had to work at "Build A Bear" in Summit Mall. So we went to see her after we left. We had nothing else to do for the afternoon. It was good to go see her and the girls were only slightly distracted by all the bears. Neither of them have actually been inside a Build A Bear store before.

During our trips out we got to drive by the places where we used to live (which the girls really had no intrerest whatsoever in but it brought back some memories for mommy and daddy. After that it was back to our temporary home and an old friend Brian and his new wife Jessica (new to us but they have been married for a while) came over and we all sat and talked until late at night.

Today it is a BBQ with relatives of our hosts and frequent posters to the blog including little Olivia who is about Rebekah's age and has been a prophetess often telling her mommy what prayer needs Rebekah had before we even knew them. Olivia is from across the country and has never met Rebekah yet would come up with things like "Mommy, we need to pray for Rebekah's tummy" just before or just as we would start to have a problem with Rebekah's tummy. It can only be a God thing!

We hope having this updates are as enjoyable to you as they are to us getting to share with you. Your continued prayers, thoughts and support mean so much to us. Thank you all.

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