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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Write Up

Remember, you can always click on pictures for a full size version.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with lots of new friends that have been praying for us for a long time on the blog. Here are Rachel, Julia, Olivia, Rebekah and Sarah too:

Olivia (who we have talked about many times) brought her mommy and daddy. And Olivia, Julia and Rachel's Grandma (Leanne from PA on our blog) was here. As was Julia and Rachel's other grandma and grandpa. It was a great BBQ day with fun outside and the Spongebob bounce house you see above that all the girls had fun in.

Here is where we are not really sure how to take this post. You see, it was a "bad" day for "Dora." Leanne from Pa (Grandma) brought a Dora pinata filled with candy for the girls. The candy was great, but it just seemed odd watching the girls wack away at Dora with a baseball bat. They really didn't seem to mind but it was kind of weird. Here is Olivia swinging away while Rebekah and Julia look on:

Rachel finally got the candy to start falling and daddy helped with a little bit of fine surgery to get the rest out for the girls. Great bounty:

And as if that were not enough, just after collecting all the candy down the street came the ice-cream man (lady). All the girls (except Rebekah) ran down the block. It was SO cute because the older girls ran ahead and Sarah was running trying to catch up. She had no clue why she was running but they all knew something that she didn't and it must be fun so she had to catch up. Of course, the vast majority of the girls had to get Dora ice cream:

And although we saved you the pictures of poor Dora after the baseball bat incident, there is probably no better way to end this post than with the way Sarah's Dora ended the day. There were some tears, but they quickly subsided as Rebekah ran over and offered what was left of her Dora saying "I share, I share..."

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