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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day w Friends and Family

It is amazing how difficult this is to write given how wonderful things have been. Just having to say goodbye and getting back to a normal life is tough.

We woke up yesterday morning and were off for a very long day. We started by having an early morning lunch with long time close friends Ted and Gay. They treated us at an old hangout where mommy and daddy used to eat with them often before we left Ohio. They were very tolerant of the girls being girls and we were delighted to reminisce with them. Gay, Ted, Mommy and the Girls:
After meeting with Ted and Gay we headed to where daddy used to work and saw some very good friends and old colleagues there. We first went into the legal department where daddy used to work and then friend Linda (see pics in a previous post) took Rebekah all around her department introducing her to people who have been praying for her for a long time but have never met her until yesterday. It is such a blessing to us to be able to share Rebekah personally with those who have helped carry her (and us) to the point where we are today.

Then we headed to the shipping store and sent home two large boxes of extra heavy stuff, hoping to make our trip home on the airline today a bit easier. As we were driving to this stop it became clear the girls were about at their end. Rebekah started saying "no more," "home," and "airplane." We kept trying to say "just one more stop sweeties."

Then off to one last visit with daddy's family. They invited us out to their beautiful home for an outside picnic and some of the cousins were able to make it. As was very true when we lived here, the food was spectacular and Aunt Nancy puts on a great spread! The girls had a good time running around. Finally meltdowns began. Rebekah was begging to go to the car and go "night night" and actually went and was pulling on the car door. When daddy opened it for her she climbed into her seat and said she was going to sleep. When mommy and daddy and Sarah did not come and the car didn't leave she came back out for a few minutes but it was, at least for them, time to go. We didn't want to leave family but were delighted to get to see them at least one more time. Rebekah and Aunt Nancy:

Finally we stopped by the home of some close friends that we have lost contact with over the last several years. They were friends that we had gone to church with, spent time as young couples without kiddos with, and where around when they started their family before we left Ohio. They are people that we look up to and are role models to us in SO many ways. Their family has blossomed and they have 6 beautiful children. Rebekah and Sarah (after a short nap in the car on the way to this stop)actually did okay with some other kids their ages to play around. Here are Rebekah, Sarah and at least the 4 of their kids that were not already in bed.

It was a wondeful WONDERFUL day to end our trip with.

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