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Sunday, February 05, 2006

No More Shots...


It has been a day - one of frustration, aggravations and emotions. The girls have been crabby and getting into everything. Mommy’s been crabby. It has been tiring.

Our clinic appointment was late morning, so we had time to get the day started slowly. The girls didn’t seem to know that we didn’t need to be up early, or at least they didn’t seem to care. We were all up and moving before 8am. When Daddy saw us up, he asked when Rebekah’s appointment was. He seemed to think we were up early.

The good news is that Rebekah’s counts are on their way up, so we are done with the daily shots. Hooray! If we hadn’t gone in today, she would have gotten shots until Monday and then her white count would have skyrocketed and she could experience bone pain and even more crabbiness. I figured the counts were going up, so I pushed for today’s appointment. I’m glad we went.

Yesterday, while we were off to clinic, Daddy put a load of laundry into the wash. This morning, he was working on laundry again. And while we were at clinic today, he washed dishes. Thanks Daddy for helping Mommy out!

We have been working with Children’s Cancer Association and Les Schwab Tires to get a set of tires donated for the van for a while now. We found out today, that while they weren’t able to get a set of “new” tires donated, they were able to donate a set of “gently used” tires. A big THANK YOU goes to Children’s Cancer Association and Les Schwab Tires for getting it done.

While we were at clinic today, we saw Kennedy and her mom. Kennedy wasn’t in a very good mood. Her mom looked good, but sounded frazzled. I can certainly understand that! We checked to see if Gage was still inpatient, but found out that he had gone home yesterday. Sorry we missed them, but glad to hear they had gone home.

Rebekah’s diaper rash is getting better, slowly. She continues to want lotion for the owies on her belly, legs and face. She is getting Prilosec for the acid reflux, Claritin for the sneezes, Zofran for nausea and an occasional dose of morphine. For the most part, she seems to be doing better. This morning, she threw up, but I think it was mostly because she was mad at Mommy. She told Mommy (insisted really) she wanted to go night night, so Mommy put her in bed. At which point, she started to complain. I told her, she needed to go night night and left the room. A few minutes later, Daddy went in to check on her and she had been throwing up. That meant more laundry and one very unhappy little girl. Ugh!

Now, I’ve got to figure out when and how to work on getting Rebekah’s nutrition in during the day (instead of overnight). Next week’s schedule is going to be tough. Since she will need anesthesia Monday, Thursday and Friday, there will be 6 hours each day that she can’t have any food (including her nutrition). How do we get her requirements in? We just have to do the best we can.

It has been one of those days that I just don’t feel like a very good Mommy – causing my daughter to throw up, Daddy feeling the need to help with Laundry and Dishes, getting frustrated with both girls, neither of the girls seeming to feel well, struggling to just “get by”, etc… I know that when I’m tired and crabby, every little thing bothers me, so I need to continue to trudge along and not get depressed.

Please continue to pray for each of the kids battling cancer and the families of those who have lost their kids to cancer.

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At Tuesday, February 07, 2006 3:40:00 PM, Blogger Lora Left a thought...

Frances, I know how it is to not feel like a good Mommy sometimes but you are an incredibly wonderful Mommy! I hope that each day when you feel that way that you are able to really look at yourself and see just how beautiful and awesome you really are.
Hugs from us to you and the family :)


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