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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teeth Lost, Shoes Tied, Growing Up

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah lost her first tooth. She had been complaining that her top two front teeth had been hit at school and were loose and hurting. Then one day, she realized that one of the bottom teeth was really loose and that was what was hurting. A week later, it was very loose. She was sitting in Daddy's lap and talking about how loose it was. Daddy wanted to see. Sarah moved the tooth so much that it was pointing toward her bottom lip. Daddy told her that she should be able to pull it right out. She didn't want anything to do with that and ran to Mommy. Mommy looked at it and told her that she should be able to pull it right out. She let Mommy twist it once and then complained that it hurt. Mommy told her that she wouldn't be able to have dinner until it was out - it was already starting to bleed and it would come out when she tried to eat. She needed a tissue to help her pull on it and she got it out really quick. She had a shocked look on her face, looked at the tooth in the tissue, handed the tissue to Mommy and ran to the bathroom to look at her hole in the mirror. Rebekah ran quick to get an envelope for Sarah's tooth. (Don't know how it started, but lost teeth go in an envelope under the pillow at our house.) Sarah put her tooth in the envelope, wrote her name on the envelope and put it under her pillow.

Yesterday morning, while Rebekah was sitting and having breakfast, she was wiggling her loose tooth. It started bleeding and I knew it was ready to come out. She asked for a tissue so she could pull it out. Apparently, since Sarah used a tissue to pull her tooth out, Rebekah wanted a tissue to pull hers out. Rebekah was a little upset that she wasn't going to get a tooth necklace at school. But she ran excitedly to show Daddy her missing tooth. At school, they went to the office to get a "lost tooth club" sticker and a tooth necklace. With the news from the dentist last month that the adult teeth have no roots, Mommy and Daddy find it a little sad that she has lost the tooth. We don't really know what exactly to expect with regard to her teeth. We just know it likely isn't good.

On Mothers Day, the girls decided that they needed to make Mommy breakfast in bed. So with Daddy's help they made Mommy waffles with strawberries and powdered sugar and a glass of milk. They were so happy and proud. They brought them to Mommy along with some Mothers Day cards. It was very special to Mommy!

Later in the day, Sarah wanted to go outside and wanted to wear "tie" shoes. Mommy told her that if she could tie them then she could wear them. She sat down, put them on and tied them herself. She did a really good job. We were working on tying shoes a while back, but she didn't have a lot of patience for it. She surprised Mommy with actually getting it done. She was so excited and proud about that. She wanted to wear "tie" shoes to school on Monday, too, so she could show all of her friends.

Both girls are growing up! It is fun to watch, especially when they are making big strides. Some of it is sad, like knowing that Rebekah will struggle with her teeth. But at the same time, we are thankful that she is alive and cancer free. There are so many kids who have lost their battles or are deep in the middle of a battle or near the end of a battle. Our hearts break for each one of them. It reminds us of how precious life is. We need to live each day to its fullest.

We had some friends from Northwest Adoptive Families Association (NAFA) come out on Saturday with some vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant along with some pots, a planting system and soil . Mommy and the girls got to help them. We are putting together a little bit of a garden on the back deck, so Mommy can get some veggies and herbs herself. They also brought out some picnic lunch for us. Thanks so much Andrea and Joni for coming to help and to the rest of you who contributed to the "garden party"!

Grandpa came out Saturday as well to help plant the garden. He did much of the planting himself. Thank you so much Grandpa. Daddy, with some help from Grandpa on Saturday and Uncle Chuck, Cole, Rebekah & Sarah on Sunday, worked on getting a watering system in place for the garden (and the deck garden). Aunt Molly and Grandma M helped with a little more of the "deck garden". Thanks to everyone for the help! We can't wait to enjoy the bounty!

Mommy was able to get out in the yard in the scooter. She was able to get to the scooter from the wheelchair (with a little help) and then was able to get around outside with the scooter. (The scooter is better for getting around in rough terrain and keeping it outside and the wheelchair inside will help keep the dirt from coming into the house.) It has been a while since Mommy used the scooter, so we have to work out some of the kinks. It looks like it will be possible to use the scooter without too much hassle (at least for now), so that will make things a little more flexible for spending time outdoors around home.

Each day can be different than the last. We just have to take things as they come and deal with the "issues" of the moment. One step at a time, one day at a time, one crisis at a time.

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At Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:18:00 PM, Blogger Debbie Dunham Left a thought...

Wow! Two girls with lost teeth in a short period of time. I bet their smiles are even more precious!

At Friday, December 23, 2011 11:39:00 AM, Anonymous Nathan Bedingfield Left a thought...

Removing her tooth manually somehow relieve the pain. It's a good thing she turned out to fine. After all, her swelling cheek still made her looke cute. =)


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