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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tomorrow's The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day around here for some modifications. We are completely tearing out mommy and daddy's bathroom and remodeling it so that mommy can get into it, toilet and shower etc. in her wheelchair. We are tearing out everything to the studs and pretty much putting in tile wall to wall and floor to ceiling turning the whole bathroom into an open shower. We are also putting in a new wall hung sink so mommy can get under it.

While all of that is going on we are hoping to finally get the yard in that was torn out so that we could build a new sidewalk and handicap ramp to the front door, again allowing mommy access. Plus there is lots of weeding and general clean up that needs done.

While all this is going on mommy is going to be working (with help we hope) on cleaning out all of the girls toys, clothing etc. and getting rid of extra stuff. We have been given so much stuff that the girls have enough for 10 kids and its time to thin.

Finally we are closing off the day with a BBQ/Potluck in the afternoon when all the work is done!

If you can join us please do. We'll be here from 9am on. If you need directions or have questions post them here with a way to get back to you and we'll try and answer them throughout the day.

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At Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:55:00 AM, Anonymous Genia Left a thought...

I am so happy to hear these things are happening. I really wish that I could be there to help. I will be thinking of you. I will be completing my paper(s?) today so I will be less stressed about that, and able to focus on the rest of the school year with the kids. I am happy to hear that there will be weeding happening. However, I am going to be quite happy to be out doing the weeding when I am there. Chance and I will both be absorbing as much vitamin D as we can before we come back to our rainy, cloudy home. I would really love to be there, especially at the end of the day with the barbeque! :)


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