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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Almost Done

A lot of pulling things together and a trip to the bank to get the check and daddy is ready to take an early morning trip tomorrow to go pick this up:

Daddy has spent several days talking and emailing with a wonderful family who, unfortunately, has this van available. Their story is eerily similar to ours. Their daddy, a firefighter (like our daddy,) recently passed away of the same disease that mommy has, leaving behind their mommy and a 9 year old little girl. Please be praying for them in their loss as well as us.

The van is a 2003 that has been converted for wheelchair use and has an automatic locking base unit that should make it so mommy can lock the wheelchair in by herself and then be able to move over to the driver's seat. With some modifications it can even be set up so mommy could drive from the wheelchair.

We are leaving at 5:30am tomorrow morning to fit into their schedule and pending a good test drive and check out we should be coming home very blessed. Pray that all goes well on the van and for safety for all involved.

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