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Monday, February 01, 2010

Talk About Busy

It's been a busy medical day. Mommy took Rebekah to the hospital for day one of three. Today they did Panorex, Chest X-ray, Heart ECG and Heart EKG. Aunt Molly met them there and helped, thank you Molly! The nice thing about Emanuel is that they have valet parking that will help mommy get the wheelchair out of the van. After they were done mommy had a real hard time getting out of the wheelchair and into the van, but she made it.

While they were doing that daddy went to the chiropractor, something he has only done once before many years ago. Over the weekend daddy was moving the furniture in mommy's office so that she can still get into there in the wheelchair and have a place to make some phone calls and do some of the medical paperwork that she is still doing. Somewhere in doing that he hurt himself pretty bad and could not stand up straight. When trying to stand up his shoulders were about 2-3" out of line from his hips; it was pretty scary. About 30 minutes with the doc and daddy walked out standing up straight and sore but not in pain. If you ever need a good chiropractor in the Portland area give Dr. Thomas Freedland a call, he is a miracle worker!!!

I big thanks to Blair who came over Sunday night to help move the desk one more time as there was no way either mommy or daddy could do it. Poor Blair will probably get called on again too as we still have to move all the bedroom furniture some the wheelchair can get it there. While on the topic of Blair please pray for him and his family and for God's guidance in some major decisions they have to make.

Tomorrow is the big medical day (2 of 3.) Rebekah gets an anesthesia about 7:30am and then an MRI. Mommy Debbie is going to meet us at the hospital to help with Sarah who gets to go with us. Rebekah is SO looking forward to being in her own wheelchair after her MRI tomorrow so she can be like mommy. Can you believe we have lost count of Rebekah's anesthesias? Somewhere about 80 but we are not sure. When the anesthesiologist called this afternoon he started out the call with "Is there anything you need to tell me?" And finished it with "I won't both reading you all this stuff I normally do because I think you know it as well as I do. Just follow the rules about not eating or drinking okay?" It was kind of funny.

Day after is more hospital visits (3 of 3 in a row) where Rebekah is seeing the behavioral psych doc. This coming up Friday is Rebekah's IEP meeting. Next Monday is mommy's ALS clinic. Next Wednesday is oncology follow up to this week's testing and next Thursday is ENT/Audiology testing for Rebekah. Wow, talk about being busy!

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