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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Successful Work Day

Wow we had one good day yesterday! We had around 25 people here and got SO much done. Daddy sat up Friday night typing up a "wish list" of all the things we would want to get done in a perfect world. It was about a full page single spaced type - and it all got done. Okay, everything but fertilizing the lawn and it really wasn't the right weather for that. AND we got lots done that wasn't even on the list. In fact, we got so much done that daddy just received a phone call from a small group of people that wanted to come help as a group and he couldn't come up with anything for them right now!

This is not to suggest that we don't have ongoing daily needs, but it is a great weight off our shoulders to have the big ticket items done. Ongoing needs include lawn mowing, general house keeping (laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. ) as well as the most critical need - someone to be with mommy when daddy cannot. She generally cannot go places alone and cannot be alone (without adult help) in the house. Bathing, dressing, toileting, meal making, shopping, etc. all provide hurdles that mommy just can't always overcome alone.

Back to the work day. Everyone that was here yesterday contributed something really awesome. The one thing that stands out the most in my mind right now is Jeremy driving the tractor with a front end loader and tiller. He did the garden with the tiller and then spread an entire unit (7.5 cubic yards) of bark dust using the front end loader. If you have ever run a front end loader you know that it is nothing something you can teach someone to do without a lot of practice. Jeremy was a natural and learned it really REALLY quick! And he had SO much fun doing it.

The main that that we wanted to get done was gut the bathroom and get it ready for rebuilding handicapped accesible. We are tiling wall to wall and just about floor to ceiling on 3 of the 4 walls. Basically it will be one huge shower with a toilet and wall mounted sink that mommy can get under in her wheelchair. We will also have grab bars just about all the way around the permiter. Putting in a wall mounted sink/counter and all the grab bars requires a lot of planning and adding additional support in the walls. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO JIM POWELL FOR HIS PLANNING, ASSISTANCE AND FOR PRETTY MUCH DOING ALL OF THE WORK!

Here is how the bathroom looks right now waiting on the tile guy (brought to us by Jim!) and for Steve Jackson (the contractor building the countertop/sink mount) to come do their magic:

Bitter sweet is that this is part of the house that was completely rebuilt brand new after the fire 2 years ago. Will post pictures of the final product when done. And who knows, maybe even some mid project pics?

Finally I will close with an update on Rebekah. She goes to the hospital Tuesday morning (at 5:30AM!) for oral surgery. As expected, she is having some problems with her teeth cause by the radiation. They are working on cavities, potentially pulling some teeth and trying to seal the others; most of the enamel being damaged. She will be under a full anesthetic at her favorite hospital for all of the work. Thank you to Mommy Debbie for coming and helping as daddy will not be able to be there - needing to be back at the house with the contractors. It will be the first surgery/major event that daddy has not been there for and that is bothering him greatly.

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