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Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Sarah

Yesterday was Sarah's 3rd birthday party. Her actual birthday was back on the 17th but she didn't know that. She got her tractor cake just like she wanted.

We had all of her cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles (short only Uncle Chuck)over for grillin, cake and ice cream. It was absolutely wonderful to have the family together. The kids all played inside, outside and everyone had a good time.

Mommy has spent the last week getting ready. Cleaning the house, making the cake, putting food together, etc. etc. etc. She did an awesome job but is a bit wore out.

Of course there was lots of presents and big sister Rebekah did not miss a chance to get in on the action. Rebekah did have a bit of a hard time dealing with the fact that most of the presents were for her sister and not her. Rebekah kept saying "my birthday, my birthday."

Clearly cousins Michael and Jacob were having a good time:

Who wouldn't have a good time with something that makes LOTS of noise? Those did go home with them didn't they????

And finally, a rare shot of daddy (thanks Uncle Mark) while Sarah and daddy got to make "mi mi" (music) together on more noisemakers.

I don't know why it strikes me as funny or cute but I think it is clear that Sarah has this gift/exchange thing down already. She got a pair of Dora shoes from Grandma A that she absolutely loved but they were just a tad bit on the small side. As Grandma A was leaving Sarah ran and got the box and brought it outside and handed it to Grandma saying "too tight, take 'em back please." Today she already wants the new ones!

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At Tuesday, September 25, 2007 12:19:00 PM, Blogger Sarah Left a thought...

Happy be-lated birthday Sarah!

We just celebrated our two oldest girl's birthdays and my two year old was very angry because she figured if it was Mary and Anna's birthday, it must be hers too!


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