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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just A Quick Moment About Some Other Kiddos

Father/Daughter. This is one of my favorite pictures from Family Camp over Labor Day Weekend. Here you see Mark and McKenna and a wondeful "daddy love" moment caught on film. It melted my heart!

As you read in the last post, daddy was out all of last week for "Ride For A Child" which is a sub-part of Cycle Oregon (a 7 day 2000+ rider bicyle event). Ride For a Child was a group of 37 cyclists and 5 support people that spent the week riding (and supporting) Candlelighters (, a non profit group that supports families with children with cancer. Candlelighters has been a huge blessing to us and daddy wanted to give what we can, time and effort, to try and give back just a little. 8 days and 1250 miles later, we had a spectacular event. Here is Randy (head of Ride For A Child) and Faith, one of the honored kiddos that represented cancer kiddos all around Oregon and SW Washington at the event.

Last night we had another dinner (again, sponsored by Candleighters) at one of our local kiddo hospitals (Dornbecher). While there daddy met two beautiful new families that, unfortunately, have been afflicted. Summer, a 4th grader whose birthday it was yesterday, is three weeks into her ordeal. And Mackenzie, a 4 year old, is 10 days into hers. Daddy was able to spend some social time talking with these families and they were both really REALLY nice folk. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they start their journey.

Rebekah is getting into the routine of kindergarten on top of all of her therapies and other appointments. It is non stop for her, for mommy, and therefore for Sarah and I too. And now Sarah is also getting just a bit of speach therapy along with Rebekah. We are not sure when this whirlwind will end, and we have to keep reminding ourselves that we should be grateful to have the opportunity to do so much.

As we have said before, we hope you all truly realize that your kiddos are special gifts - even on the worst of days. Feel blessed to have them in your arms every day and take a moment today to give an extra hug and hold them a bit longer than you otherwise might for tomorrow they could be gone.

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At Thursday, October 04, 2007 2:24:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Left a thought...

So, some sneeky person took a photo. Thanks for catching a precious moment of me and our special young lady. Oh, by the way, the pink hat IS really McKenna's.


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