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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rebekah is Not Feeling Well

What a day yesterday was. Rebekah woke up not feeling really well. She was having diarrhea and really didn't seem to be feeling well. She kept talking about going to bed and just didn't seem herself. I got to thinking that maybe that was why she hadn't eaten real well the day before. I was running low on diapers/pullups for her because I was hoping that I would get her back into underwear. Clearly, with the diarrhea, that wasn't going to happen.

So I needed to run to the store and get some diapers and pullups. We went quick and ran a couple of errands and to the grocery store. While we were shopping, in the back of the store, she threw up - all over everything. It was a mess and she clearly wasn't feeling well. We headed to the bathroom to try to clean up at least a little. Then I headed straight for the cashier and asked them to have someone bring up a package of chicken (so we could make some dinner).

By the time we got home, both girls had fallen asleep in the back seat. So daddy helped me bring them in and put them both into bed. Rebekah continued to have the diarrhea and vomiting throughout the day. I washed load after load after load of icky laundry. She wouldn't eat and I wasn't going to push her. I could barely get her to drink any pedialyte. I worry about dehydration and keep an eye on her and keep a drink near her. She kept asking for juice, but when I gave it to her she wouldn't drink any. She talked about wanting to eat, but when presented with any food refused it.

She just wanted to sit in mommy's lap and snuggle with mommy. I told daddy that we needed him to fix dinner, and so he did. When dinner was ready, Rebekah just wanted to go lie down. After I had a couple of bites, she was coughing and screaming for mommy. She had thrown up, again. So she needed cleaned up and the bed needed changed, again. She laid down for a little more and then wanted to go into the playroom. Meanwhile, I tried to finish my dinner before it got really cold. Oh the joys of motherhood!

The night was really rough. Rebekah would wake every hour or two and be screaming. She seemed to just want mommy and have her blanket fixed so that it covered her better. She continued to drink during the night and wasn't throwing up. I had to fill up her cup a couple of times. She did, however, have several more diapers that needed changed quickly. She's developing a nasty rash, so they need changed right away and she screams through the change. But, she needs cleaned up so the rash doesn't get worse. I've been coating her with Desetin to try to help the rash. Poor thing! Several times during the night, Rebekah woke Sarah. Then Sarah wanted the same kind of attention that Rebekah was getting.

And in addition to everything else, Rebekah was running a low grade fever. I wanted to get her some tylenol or motrin, but it seemed she would probably just throw it up and she was very clear that she didn't want it. So we waited...

This morning, Rebekah seems to be feeling better. She sat at the breakfast table with us and had a blueberry and a bit of cereal and some milk. So far, it has stayed down and she is playing in the playroom. She isn't looking sick, like she did yesterday. It is still early, so who knows what the day will bring. We'll hope and pray that she continues to improve. Last night, I was pretty sure we'd be calling the doctor this morning. Right now, it doesn't seem necessary. We'll wait and see.

It bothers me that this illness comes so quickly on the heels of the last one and the antibiotics. She hasn't even been off the antibiotics for a week.

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At Saturday, March 03, 2007 2:05:00 PM, Blogger JodiTucker Left a thought...

So sorry to read this post right after the wonderful cancer-free one before it. Could she possibly have had a very nasty, intense 24 hour flu bug?


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