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Monday, February 19, 2007

Two Girls on Antibiotics

Sarah had been getting better and then when she woke up from her nap Saturday, she was running a fever of 102. At dinner she sat and kept putting her head on the table and looking really tired and worn out. After dinner, we went to get the girls a bath. I made both girls sit on the potty before getting in the tub. Sarah just sat and sat and sat on the potty. She rarely sits for more than about a minute before she is jumping up and ready to get onto the next task at hand. So it was very unusual behavior. Meanwhile, I put Rebekah in the tub and got her all cleaned up and Sarah was still sitting on the potty - not doing anything but sitting. I got Rebekah out and dried off and into jammies and sent her to be with Daddy. Meanwhile Sarah continued to sit on the potty. She didn't want to go into the bath, but she didn't want me to give her a sponge bath either. She sat there and looked like she was going to fall asleep. Finally, I convinced her that she needed to get into the tub. But it was probably 30 minutes later. She definitely didn't feel good.

I decided that I would call the pediatrician's office in the morning and get some antibiotics for Sarah. Clearly she was getting worse. So Sunday morning when I called, they wanted to see her and wouldn't just prescribe antibiotics for her. So, we went in. Well, it turns out that she now has pneumonia. Ugh! So we skipped the amoxicillin with her and went straight to Augmentin as well. Now I've got two girls on Augmentin which only makes the diarrhea worse. What a mess! Needless to say, we're having lots of "fun" around here.

Sarah just came out of the playroom and stood here in the living room and let out some noises from her behind that told me to take her directly to the bathroom and get ready for a "fun" change. It was a mess, but we managed to keep her pants and shirt clean.

I've been giving them some probiotic tablets to try to help with the diarrhea. I don't know what it would be like without the tablets - it is bad enough with them.

One of the days when neither of the girls was feeling very well, they both wanted Mommy to lay down with them. Since Mommy can't lay in two beds at the same time, I laid with one and then with the other. That didn't satisfy either of them. So I went and got a couple of my tshirts out of the laundry and offered them to the girls to snuggle so they could feel like Mommy was there with them. Rebekah jumped at the opportunity and Sarah wanted nothing to do with it. Rebekah continues to want Mommy's tshirt with her at bedtime and sometimes she'll take it into the playroom with her. Last night Grandma A was here and put the girls to bed. Grandma asked her about Mommy's shirt and she didn't want it, so Grandma put it on the dresser. This morning, Rebekah wanted it to go to the playroom with her. Go figure!

Meanwhile, Mommy and Daddy continue to fight some of the cold/flu. It just isn't much fun around our house right now.

Rebekah seems to be feeling a little better, but she still has an icky nose and isn't eating real well. Rebekah has lost a little weight and I hope that she will gain it back once she feels better. She has thrown up a number of times, because I've been pushing her to eat more. Ugh!

Sarah isn't eating as much as normal, either, but she is eating a fair amount. Sarah just doesn't want to drink much, so I have to keep pushing her for that.

We're still planning for Rebekah's scans on Thursday and Friday. Although it has been more than a year since Rebekah was declared cancer free, we just can't really say it has been a cancer free year until we see the results from this week's scans. We just can't rest easy until we have the results. One day at a time...

Someone was asking how many appointments we have a week for Rebekah, so I started adding it up - 4 days of class, 2 days of speech therapy, and 1 day of horse back riding every week and then occupational therapy twice a month (starting in March), speech therapy (with augmentative device) twice a month (starting in March) and probably physical therapy twice a month (we need to get it approved and scheduled). And that doesn't include the scans and doctor visits that come up every quarter and the annual or semi-annual doctor visits. It keeps us busy.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Many days, it is the only thing that keeps us moving forward.

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At Monday, February 19, 2007 11:12:00 AM, Blogger MAK Left a thought...

So sorry everyone is under the weather. I hope you are ALL Well soon! Praying that all the scans will be clear!

At Wednesday, February 21, 2007 9:13:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Left a thought...

Hope you're all feeling better and the drugs are kicking in. You'e always in our thoughts.


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