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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It was a year ago, today, that we found out that Rebekah was cANCER FREE. That was indeed a good day. Next week we'll have the one year scans, so we'll know more after that. Meanwhile, she looks good (other than the bug she's got) and we'll assume that all is well.

The girls are continuing to fight this bug. Sarah seems to be doing a little better, but then she threw up once yesterday. Rebekah isn't getting any better and her nose is looking pretty bad, so we went to see the pediatrician this morning and had both girls looked at. Neither has anything in her lungs, it is all upper airway gunk. Rebekah's left ear look a little questionable and it definately looks and sounds like a sinus infection, so she's on antibiotics. It seems as though any time Rebekah gets sick, she ends up with a sinus infection. Will that ever end? And she doesn't start with Amoxicillin, but we go straight to Augmentin. So after seeing the doctor, we had to stop and get the prescription filled.

I will sometimes tell the girls that they have 1 more minute to do whatever it is they are doing and then we need to do something else. They will come back with "No Two." If I tell them they have 5 more minutes to do something, they still say "No Two." I guess they haven't quite figured out that 5 is more than 2. But it is really funny to hear them.

The other day, I told Sarah I would give her a hug and then she needed to play. She told me "No Two". I said "Ok, Two" and gave her a second hug and she said "No, Three". I said "Ok, Three" and gave her a third hug and she said "No, Four". I said "Ok, Four" and gave her a fourth hug. She said "No, Five" so I said "Ok, Five" gave her a fifth hug and put her down. It surprised me that she could count to five, but I didn't give her much of a chance to say "No, Six".

Rebekah has been home sick from school all week and I don't expect her to go tomorrow either. Next week she doesn't have school. Since they go some during the summer, they take some extra time off during the school year.

Hopefully, the antibiotics will get things cleared up, so that Rebekah's scans the end of next week don't show anything from the bug she has and get us all panicked over nothing. Thursday and Friday of next week are scan days. Thursday is MRI and Chest CT. Friday is Heart Echo and EKG, Hearing Test, and Panorex.

Gage will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow to prepare for his transplant. Please continue to keep his family in your prayers as he goes through this process. I know that it is an ugly process and heartwrenching.

Josh's scans last week showed some spots on his lungs. This morning he went in for a Pet scan. Please pray for his family as they wait for answers. We've found that Pet scans can do a pretty good job of muddying the water, so my prayer is that the scans are cANCER FREE and difinitive so that Josh's family can rest easy.

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At Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:05:00 AM, Blogger Jayleigh Left a thought...

Wow it's been a year already? It sure doesn't seem like it. But I'm praising God right along side of you all.

**hugs** and continued prayers for all!

At Saturday, February 17, 2007 8:36:00 AM, Blogger Lora Left a thought...

Prayers for clear cancer free scans and prayers for Gage and Josh too. Hope that the girls are better soon. That is so cute that Sarah counted to 5 and kept wanting more hugs. It will be nice when Griffin understands the concept of time and minutes, right now he has no idea what 1 or 5 minutes means. I can't believe that it has already been one year, my how the time has flown by. Love & Hugs from us to all of you.


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