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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sick Little Girls

Saturday started the downhill spiral... Rebekah woke up not feeling well with a mild fever, so she got some tylenol. Over the weekend, she has had temperatures around 101.5 and with tylenol or motrin it will drop to 99.5 or 100 and then it will rise back up before the medication wears off. Plus, her nose is bothering her. She is sneezing and that is causing lovely blood/snot mixture. Several times, it has turned into bloody nose and once it was draining down the back of her throat and she was coughing up blood. Not a pretty sight. Her nose is pretty well crusted with blood/snot and tender to the touch. And the temperatures continue... She stayed home today and will stay home tomorrow and we'll have to see how the rest of the week turns out. I took her to the doctor today, after another bloody nose and continuing high temperatures and one spot on her face that looked questionable and just plain not feeling well. We started her on antibiotics tonight, so hopefully she will start to feel better soon. Hopefully, her nose will stop bothering her and she'll keep her fingers out of it so it can heal. If she doesn't start improving, or we start to get concerned we will take her in to have some blood counts done. One thing we always worry about with bleeding that doesn't want to stop is platelet count. However, with low platelets there are usually some other problems like bruising - since we aren't seeing the other problems, we're not as concerned but still keeping an eye on it. One day at a time...

Saturday afternoon, Sarah started puking. Never a fun adventure. She wouldn't keep anything down. She was hungry, but even bland stuff wouldn't stay down... And, her temperature was on the rise and hanging at 101.5 without medication and only dropping to 99.5 with medicine. The puking continued overnight, but finally halted by the morning. The first puke after she went to bed, she nailed all the blankets, jammies, sheets, pillow case - everything. The next one, she sat up and grabbed the yellow bin herself and didn't soil any of the linens or her jammies - wow! A little cleaning of the face and some Mommy loves and she was ready to go back to sleep. We cleaned the yellow bin and gave it back (much to her dismay). Thankfully, the puking hasn't come back and she is eating, athough not as much as normal. I thought she was doing better, but just as I was getting her ready for bed she spiked a fever again at 100.9. Ugh! So, I guess Sarah probably won't be going to school tomorrow either.

As if that isn't enough, Daddy is getting over a sore throat and cold and Mommy is coming down with a severe sore throat. That makes it difficult to care for sick kiddos - not that it is every any fun.

Daddy bought some new boots yesterday (from a place that is going out of business, so they had some really good prices). The girls had to try on Daddy's boots - so here are the girls (in their overalls and daddy's boots).

Rebekah has been drinking a lot of chocolate milk (milk with carnation instant breakfast plus extra protein powder so she gets some full nutrition and some dairy). I make it up in a Magic Bullet which has a cup that you use to do the mixing. Well usually, I measure pretty well and it fits in her sippy cup, but sometimes there is a little extra in the cup, so I let her drink it from there like a "big girl". Here is the big girl with a chocolate milk ring - big around her mouth and over her eyes.

We sent some treats to school with Rebekah to encourage the potty training a little more and it seems to be working. There are some days when she stays dry all day at school.

In the last week, Sarah has seemed to make progress with the potty training as well. In the last few days, she has told me several times that she needed to sit on the potty and go poopy and actually done it. Today, she kept her pullup dry all day (not to mention it was dry all night last night - with one bathroom break at 6 am) and she had two poopies in the potty. So today, she earned her first "dora socks or dora underwear". She chose a nice pair of dora underwear with dora holding balloons. She might even get to wear them under her pullup tomorrow. But I told her she has to keep them dry. What a big day for Sarah!

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At Tuesday, October 30, 2007 9:34:00 AM, Blogger Sarah Left a thought...

Sorry you are all getting sick. I hate this time of the year. We all have an appointment for the flu shot next week! FUN!

Prayers for everyone.


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