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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lots going on...

It has been a couple of hectic weeks. It was nice to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and not worried about another hospital stay. We celebrated with Mommy's family at our house for brunch, then with Grandma A at her house for dinner and later with Grandpa and Grandma C and some out of town family on Saturday. We have a lot to be thankful for.

The last two weeks have been full of colds around our house. Sarah started just before Thanksgiving with a fever and nasty cough. She seems to be feeling better, but the rest of us are all pretty bad. It has been a week or more of not doing much and just trying to feel better.

Tuesday, I took both girls to the doctor - Rebekah to look for ear infections and Sarah because of her cough and cold symptoms. Rebekah didn't have an ear infection, although her left ear did seem to be affected by the cold. Doc seemed more concerned about the green discharge from her nose. It is a little worse than we often see, but because of the radiation damage she will often have sinus infections. We got a prescription that we can fill if we think it will help. We decided to get it filled today and started it tonight. Sarah probably had some croup, but seemed to be doing ok and didn't need any prescriptions.

We received a call before Thanksgiving from Scottish Rite Speech Clinics. They had an opening for Rebekah and wanted to know if we were interested. They want to see her twice a week for 45 minute sessions. It seemed to make a lot of sense from a variety of standpoints and so we are now working with them. We started the week of Thanksgiving and meet before school on Mondays and Wednesdays. It means driving downtown those days, but I hope it will be worth it. At the same time, we are sad to move away from Kathy - she did a great job of working with Rebekah and trying to find the "right" ways to help her

Potty training is going well. Rebekah has earned her Dora socks and underwear a couple of days and many other days she has been very close. Sarah has done a great job except when it comes to BMs. Sarah is often dry when she wakes up in the morning - WOW! Now I'm dreaming of the day when there will be no more pullups or diapers. I've learned not to ask the girls if their diapers are wet. I get a stern "NO PULLUP" from them. They are very clear that they are not wearing diapers. What funny girls! If you ask Sarah if she is a "little girl" she will very clearly tell you "no me big". It has to be because of the potty training and using the big girl pullups and using the big girl potty, etc...

Speaking of being a "big girl", Sarah just graduated to a true big girl bed. She had been sleeping on a mattress and box spring on the floor (so that she didn't have far to fall) and now she has a frame and everything. Thanks to one of our neighbors who was replacing one of their kid's beds.

We've been continuing to give Rebekah "tummy drinks" at bedtime and we are finally seeing a little weight gain. Hooray! I told Rebekah the other night that I wanted her to eat enough so that we didn't need to use her "tummy tube" and we could get rid of it. She was adamant that she did not want it to go away. I guess we'll have to work on that one, but for now she still needs it.

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At Tuesday, December 05, 2006 3:56:00 AM, Blogger jel Left a thought...

sorry to hear, that you all got cold, hope you get better soon.

Am glad to hear that ya had a good Thanksgiving!

have a blessed day!


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